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DMEXIM is engaged in the manufacture and export of aluminium and stainless steel and copper kitchen utensils, with a focus on bringing distinctive Indian designs to the market, largely in the cookware categories.
Within a very short span of time we have established our credentials as the segment leaders.The tamilnadu based company has maintained its edge as a leading exporter of high quality products. With its high standards of design, quality, and value, DMEXIM is the brand of the future. It is a name synonymous with the new age lifestyle.

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Our Company Mission

DM Exim this isn’t just something we say – we live it. Our superior metal spinning standards Our metal spinning techniques are in demand worldwide, regardless of industry or project. Our clients know that when its comes to metal spinning, we are their #1 choice.
We are specialized in the art and craft of high precision hand metal spinning and in series CNC machine metal spinning.