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Metal Spinning Leading The Way In Metal Spinning
DM EXIM Products Limited offers a full service solution, including strategy, design, and final fabrication. DM EXIM leads the way in technological integration as seen in our proprietary AeroSpin™ technique. DM EXIM delivers a professional approach and personal touch to CNC machining or metal spinning – anywhere, everytime.

F.A.Q. Metal Spinning

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DM Exim Products Limited offers a full line metal fabrication services including, metal spinning, CNC machining, designing, and experimental.
Precision metal fabrication is a broad topic that covers many different areas; it is essentially the strict manipulation of metals based on exact specifications and tolerances. Precision metal fabrication involves, but is not limited too, metal spinning, CNC machining, welding, rolling, punching, etc.
CNC Machining is a process used only when the highest level of precision is required. Used primarily for complex three dimensional shapes.
CNC machining is a precise metal fabrication process. CNC stands for "Computer Numerical Control". This process uses computers for exact control of the position and velocity of the cutting element that is used to "machine" (i.e. make holes) in the work piece.
Metal Spinning is used when there is a need for a three dimensional shape (some examples include hemispheres, cones or bells) that is formed from a single piece of material. The benefits include greater structural rigidity.
Metal Spinning is the process of turning (spinning) a flat piece of metal on a lathe around a pattern allowing the metal to form to a desired shape.