Customer Service

We want to help get your product to market with minimal cost and time. If you need to hand off your project to a firm that can take your assembly, break out the components, finish the design, engineer the tooling, set the production process and manage the order, then you need to call DM Exim. We know the value of treating a client like a partner rather than just another customer. Our sales team is dedicated to providing to our customers service that is; prompt, friendly, fact-based, and fair. Purchase straight from our product catalog, or request a quote today. We look forward to serving you

About Our Service

DM Exim is a supplier that provides robust metal forming and joining solutions. We have six primary processes; deep drawing, stamping, hydroforming, metal spinning, rolling. All of our processes are supported by secondary processes in order to build parts to customer specifications, and for our own product lines. We are highly knowledgeable and efficient with difficult to work with materials such as Aluminium and Stainless Steel , copper therefore we have a competitive edge delivering solutions where others cannot. which allows us to be very versatile to better assist you with multiple applications.